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Photoshop and

Photo compositing & manipulation

Storm in a coffee mug, usualy at 16:45 on a Friday afternoon.

It is hardly surprising that the vocabulary and techniques developed years ago for analogue photography have been adapted for the digital age – I do have a certain nostalgia for the dark arts acquired in a darkroom. Although admittedly, I love to see a composite evolve and come to life in Photoshop.

The power of digital photo manipulation is enormous. The only barrier to “perfection” composition is time.

In this age of delivering ideas promptly, there is an enormous wealth of resources to help visualise an idea or concept quickly. Combine these with the capabilities of the awesome apps and a great operator, anything is possible.

I combine these skills with the understanding of colour, bit depth and file types to deliver eye-catching images in both the digital and printing spaces.

The Red Cross Annual Report. Each page crafted in Photoshop to give it an authentic scrap book feel. Click through the gallery to see some of the spreads.

The front and reverse for an Olmeca “Trade” competition. What made this challenging was creating a ‘spot’ gold to vitalise the final printed finish.

  1. A sample of the inner for the “new” Jeep. This was DM Mailer.
  2. A mockup for the packaging for a smart clock / speaker.

A Composite of NBA heroes ‘In-flight’.

Vector Graphics

As I mentioned with Photoshop – all my projects have needed vector graphics, my goto is Illustrator and in the next section I highlight some of the infographics that I have created using Illustrator.