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Brand building and

Logo design

MRO Insyte

 MRO Insyte is an industrial data and materials management consultancy.

As a new start up they required;

  • logo
  • branding,
  • website
  • marketing material

MRO specialises in Maintenance, Repair and Operations. Consulting with large multi-national companies in the energy sector.

The logo had to represent the companies heritage and ambition to use its expertise in the engineering sector with intelligent data solutions.

KOIOS Master Data

KOIOS Master Data, named after the Greek God Coeus, representing rational intelligence.

The goal of KOIOS Master Data is to transfer this intelligence into commercial, industrial and retail data. By creating a single version of the truth.

KOIOS creates solutions by building toolsets to standardise data to ISO recognised benchmarks, thereby; ‘Creating a single version of the truth’.

The brief

To create a logo that was as clear as the companies philosophy.

It was not just a project of creating one logo. A design framework needed crafting. Whereby; we could design sub-brands that would all fit within the umbrella logo framework.



To metaphorically represent the global nature of the companies reach,

I used the mechanic of the oval encompassing the ‘K’. The ‘OIO’ is representative of binary code — the foundation of digital data and therefore is typeset in bold.

KOIOS Master Data – Logo Family. Here are a few exmaples of the sibling logo’s.

Other examples of logo’s I designed

Brands and Brand Books

Once the Logo has been created you need to start creating the rules that define the brand. In the next section are a few examples of the Brands that I have helped develop.

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