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Data visulisation and


Data Blueprint

Project description: Describe how data influences supply chains
Client: MRO Insyte

MRO Insyte was invited to present at the PDTA conference in Barcelona. The subject was “How data influences supply chains.”

With an abundance of engineers in the audience, the approach was to use cogs and gears to demonstrate how “Data” in Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) could better be used.

I had no idea, before I came up with the concept, as to how difficult it would be to illustrate inter-locking gears. After a lot of trial, error I believe I solved it.

ISO Complaint Data: Data Dashboard

Project description: To design a source to completion data dashboard
Client: ECCMA

The goal of this infographic was to create a ‘Dashboard’ to describe the process of Data Standardisation.

Four databases needed to updating to an internationally recognised ISO standard. Since the companies product is oil and gas, a metaphor of pumping ‘data’ from the source and ‘refining’ it for export was used.

It was updated every week as a quick visual guide of progress. The bigger idea was to get this animated in real-time.

Internationaly standardised data: A Granular story

Project description: Storyboard the idea of a internationally standardised database
Client: MRO Insyte

The client tasked me to determine a method in which to simply demonstrate the benefits of the database system that they were building.

My proposal was for an animated infographic using After Effects.

The bigger idea was to find a component at a granular level, that an end-user would find important, and the user would demonstrate how this new database would assist them and benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Standardised Data: Team approach

Project description: Demonstrate the workflow practice of the eSTS team.
Client: ECCMA

This piece aims to demonstrate the workflow practice of the ECCMA eSTS team.

The data passes from four Saudi Arabian government agencies to the primary eSTS team member. Who then carries out their task and transfer the completed project downstream.


So far all the pages have reflected the projects that best represent my abilities – in the next section is a bit more about me…