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Governing body of European Football

I was approached through my association with the World Rally Championship to design the event guides for the EURO2008 hosted in Switzerland and Austria. The scope of work rapidly expanded to include the creation of the FanZones, an important development for major sports events as it enabled the host countries to attract more fans to an event.

This led to designing all the items for the FanZones, from the signage to the stage dressings.

After a successful event I was asked to redesign all of the sponsorship presentations, this completely changed the manner in which the commercial rights team presented the various “rights” to potential sponsors.

EURO2008 Event Guidelines

The event guidelines were an essential item needed by the host cities in order for the event to run smoothly. The big challenge was making sure that the design was able to translate into three languages (English, French & German). The next challenge was the guides needed to be expandable  (as not all the content had been created). Further more each host city was uniquely branded – so a one fit solution was not an option.

Client: UEFA
Event: EURO2008
Project title: Event guidelines
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adone InDesign

EURO2008 Fanzones

Once the Event Guides were complete I was asked to help with the relatively new concept of the FanZones. We had to produce a FanZone guide for each Host City. The guide detailed location, size, and most importantly visuals of all the articles that would dress these zones.

When the Host Cities had approved all the concepts surrounding the FanZone I was asked to help design and produce all the elements for the FanZones. In the end I produces over 400 unique pieces of artwork in a two week period. The most satisfying moment was the morning after the EURO2008 final seeing fans cut out pieces of the fence dressings as souvenirs.

With the gallery images I have tried to take you through the design to delivery journey. Showing pages from the Fanzone Guides, to design sketches and finally, to the finished FanZones.

Client: UEFA
Event: EURO2008
Project title: FanZones
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adone InDesign

Sponsorship Presentations

Once the EURO2008 Champions were crowned I was asked to look at the design and manner in which the commercial rights department presented the event rights and sponsorship benefits to existing and new commercial partners.

The concept that we choose to expand on was “sport is entertainment” and the sponsorship presentations had to have an element of entertainment embedded within. The approach that I took was that of a agency going to “pitch”. So the idea was multi-faceted from ‘dressing’ the meeting room to bespoke personalised leave behinds and finally to the presentation itself. The presentations used animated infographics to visually describe the analysed data, and thanks to the TV production department we were able to commission bespoke movies to bring a concept to life.

The production idea was to build the presentation in Indesign, using layers so you could export and publish to two channels without having to design two separate articles. The PDF version was embedded with interactivity, flash animation and movies. While the print version was a photo-rich, visual adventure into the EURO past and present.

Client: UEFA
Event: Commercial rights
Project title: Sponsorship presentations
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adone InDesign


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