I was asked to be a key member of the UEFA crew that designed and delivered the now ubiquitous Fanzone that accompanies each major multinational sports event.

FanZones – Event Guidelines

The FanZone Event Guide was an essential requirement for each of the eight Host Cities as they contained all the elements required to host these ‘new’ open air fan spaces. The elements contained within the guide included; Stage and TV monitor artwork, Directional signage, Fence artwork and a comprehensive pre and post-game checklist.
As each host city was unique, so to was the Guides and the artwork within. The guides were published in English, French and German.
As this was a new concept, no preexisting guidelines were available and therefore, we required a dynamic means to publish the Guides, as each ‘chapter’ within the Guide needed thorough checking before printing.on.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

FanZone artwork and delivery

Once the FanZone Guides were complete, we needed to produce the FanZones in each of the eight host cities. This was a large exercise in logistics; meeting the contractors, making sure that we had the correct dimensions, meeting printers and finally producing an individual layout for each element. Over 400 unique layouts were designed and produced over a two week period. My favourite moment was seeing fans taking a part of the fence dressing home as a souvenir.

The gallery depicts the various stages of the creation of the FanZones from concept art through construction and finally full of fans.


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