KOIOS Master Data

KOIOS Master Data named after the Greek God Coeus who represented rational intelligence. The goal of KOIOS Master Data is to transfer this intelegence into commercial, industrial and retail data, by creating a single version of the truth.

These are all examples of the artwork produced for the Hanover Trade fair in November 2018.

KOIOS Brand development

When I was inroduced to KOIOS Master Data, they were a startup with an ambitios vision, I was tasked to create a brand that matched that vision.

The brief

To create a logo that was as clear a the companies philosophy – “To create a single version of the truth.” It was not simply a project of creating one logo, its a family of products and services that needed to hang together as one.

KOIOS Master Data: Logo

KOIOS Master Data: Community logo

Specification Converter: Logo


As the company is providing digital data solutions based in standardising data worldwide. I used the mechanic of the oval encombising th ‘K’ and the ‘OIO’ in bold represented the binary nature of computer code. This was the foundation for all of the product logo’s that make up the service offering of KOIOS Master Data.

Presentation design

As a new startup the company needed a method in which to explain its products and thinking. Using a tried and tested method of decluttering the screen real estate of text, we created a style that uses clear illustrations and infographics to demystify what could be a complex concepts.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Keynote, Powerpoint


The Small Print

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