Kings Education Trust

By investing time in research and discovery, we designed a tailored brand that is powerful, refined, functional and unique.

Primary logo full colour

Primary logo single colour

Some mocked up ideas

The brief

The logo and the brand had to be inclusive of the founding principles of the Multi Academy Trust (MAT), these included;

  • World class education
  • Local communities
  • Partnerships with other schools and other educational bodies
  • Accelerated school improvements.

The solution

Throughout the discovery stage, I concentrated on trying to find a mechanic that would embrace local school partnerships. The breakthrough came in the form of a hexagon. This strong shape allowed for the continued expansion of the Trust while providing an enclosed area for each unique school logo.

In time the brand will be published online and become a resource for all the Schools within the Trust.

Project title: Logo & Brand development
Software: Adobe Illustrator

Examples of the brand in action


Compliment slip


The Small Print

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