Great Kingshill Combined School

A logo design that embraced tradition with modernity .

New school logo

The brief

The previous logo had become ‘fractured’ after many years of use. The new logo required a ‘modern’ feel while encompassing the schools’ history and create an emotional bond with the pupils.

The detail within the crown.

The crown - School values

A new crown, with each of the points representing one of the schools’ values. Courage, hope forgiveness, truth and respect.

The crown - Stylised children

Stylised children, represent fun, happiness and camaraderie. “Growing together with faith in our future”.

The crown - Heritage

The former logo is proudly etched into the crowns centrepiece representing growth and heritage.

The hill - Location

The hill has been stylised and helps bind and create a dynamic tension between the crown and the text below while providing a link to the schools’ location.


The typeface was carefully chosen as all the letters within the ‘family’ and are a reflection of how the children are taught to form their handwritten letters.

The final logo

The final logo execution is an assembly of all school values, local folklore, heritage and location.

The building of the brand

The Great Kingshill brand needed to be accessable to all the schools teachers, partners and parent groups. An on-line brand book was developed and designed – with ease of use being the foundation underpinning all design decisions.

Brand book

The brand book is published on-line and contains the use cases for the logo, colours and typography is accessed via a login portal, for GDPR purposes. This is an effective form of delivering a brand book because as the brand evolves you can easily edit the contents of the book.

If you would like to view the brand guidelines please contact me.

On-line library. Logo's

All the various logo’s are available for download in a variety of formats depending on use.

On-line library. Elements

All the various elements that are contained in the brand are available for download, with guides as to how to use them.

On-line library. Templates

All the various templates ie: MS Word letterhead templates. Newsletter Tempaltes etc, are available for download.

Certificate of achievement

Presentation slide template

New website masthead


The Small Print

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