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Beaconsfield School of Dance



The website is the confluence of all the work undertaken. It has to be clean, informative and responsive with a clear call to action. 

I have recently upgraded the the schools’ website to include a new membership section, that includes a ‘class’ social area where students parents or teachers can upload content relevant to the dance school in a forum where it can be viewed and discussed.


Alice in Wonderland

Highlights from Alice in Wonderland.

Extract from the digital backdrop as Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

Beaconsfield School of Dance adapted “Alice in Wonderland”. A ballet show displaying the talent and diversity of the school.

I used the power of Photoshop, Motion and Final Cut Pro to create panoramic backdrops with parallax effects.

The subject afforded me a freedom – not given to me since design school. I was allowed to imagine the worlds in which Alice the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter danced, meeting all of the colourful characters that make up this unique landscape.

All of this needed to be timed to the music and imagined with the dancers choreography as the were the hroes – the backdrops adding context.

The most challenging was the scene in which Alice shrinks, the most satisfying was making all the roses turn red.


Client: Beaconsfiled School of Dance
Project title: Alice in Wonderland
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Final Cut Pro, Motion

Collage for the ‘Tea Party’.

The Mad Hatters clock.


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