About me.

Hi, I’m Rob Last, a multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer. I have a rare combination of creative, design and technical experience amassed over twenty years of working for a rich variety of agencies, organisations and independently. These opportunities have helped me mould a rich varied portfolio.


I have crafted my trade within several well-established Design, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sporting organisations and Publishing agencies. I’ve had the pleasure of working for some global brands and events. Recently my work has shifted from print design to digital design, as the borders between the two disciplines blur and more clients have shifted their focus in this direction.

I know what’s required to deliver high-quality commercial artwork for print and the intricacies of web publishing. Knowledge of these limitations is necessary for delivering projects that exceed expectations.


I have amassed a large assortment of skills over the years and enjoy these being put to the test. My software skills range from mastery of the Adobe CS suite to the rich variety (of what I term) support apps, which I use in the various phases of supporting a project. 

As software is being continually updated, I make sure that my skills continually improve to meet these changes.

Teamwork is another crucial skill, taking all the independent stakeholders on a project and blending them to create a team.

Tailor-made Design

As a multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer, my experiences and skills have helped me mould a rich and varied portfolio. I strive to create bespoke design solutions that go above and beyond the scope of the original brief.

I love what I do, all projects are created by applying thoughtfulness, insight and focus to devise designs make an impact!

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As a freelance designer, I’ve had to diversify my skill set to offer a range of services to both B2B and B2C clients. Services tend to overlap on many projects, whether that’s a branding project that involves stationary design or a full branding, web and print package. My versatility across these three key design disciplines allows me to be a very effective operator for all kinds of businesses.


I’m available for short/long term based projects or on a retainer-based method. My rates are dynamically competitive;  dependant on time, materials and external costs.

If you would like a quote or have an idea that you would like to explore, please contact me.

My Sudio

My studio goes wherever I go. So if you have space, I can fit in, if not I’ll make sure that you get a service that emulates an in-house experience.



Most recently I have created the brand identity for KOIOS Master Data. Included in the brand roll-out has been; ongoing advertising/marketing materials, design and maintenance of a new website, a variety of digital presentations and a variety of business collateral.



The Small Print

Mob: 07739 424 159
Email: roblast.digitaldesign@gmail.com

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